Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where in the World is Glenna??

Times are a changin' for the Hollyhock Quilts household!  We're on the move!  Yep, we're leaving Tulsa and moving to the desert SW where the air is dry and the golfing is great for Mr. HHQ!!  You may not know that I was born and raised in Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe) and moved to Tulsa in High School with my parents.  Bill's job in the Oil & Gas industry dictated that we would remain there for all these years.  We always knew that when our parents were gone that we'd leave, too, but it took us awhile to settle on where!

Well, the where is in St. George, UT!!  We fell in love with the red rock formations and the climate and it's so good to be back closer to the mountains!  For those of you who might not know St. George, it's in the very SW corner of  Utah, about 100 miles from Las Vegas and about 40 miles to Zion National Park.  So the winters are very mild and the summers are hot.  It's not the kind of weather you think of when you think Utah!  And I love that we can get all this goodness at about 2500 feet altitude instead of 7000 like Santa Fe!

We bought a house here in May and have been getting a few things done.  We'll head back to Tulsa to get our house there on the market soon.  I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time in OK since our kids are there, but we'll love the time we have in St. George, too.  I may not be blogging much this summer since we have our work cut out for us.  But as soon as we're back and settling in, I'll have TONS of new stuff out here for you!

Here are a few reasons why we chose this place.  All the pics are taken from our deck at different times of day.  I took these to show the mountains, not the homes you see!  Hope you're having a fabulous summer and please keep in touch when you can!