Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Well, things can change in a flash at the Hollyhock Quilts house!  Here's what's happened over the last month...

As you know, our kids adopted 3 siblings last fall.  If you didn't get to read that story, I shared it here

So when we were back in OK during the holidays, it quickly became apparent that 1100 miles is just too far away for a number of reasons.  In light of that decision, we listed our house here in St. George, UT after the first of the year.  Wouldn't you know, it sold in 10 days!  Fortunately our buyer was not in a big hurry, so off to OK we shot to see if we could figure out a place to live.

We luckily found a house under construction about 20 minutes from the kids.  Not too close or too far away.  It seems perfect for us!  We were able to pick all the finishes to put our own stamp on it.  I think we'll be very happy there and love the idea of being closer to Kim and being available when needed.  We'll miss our view and the wonderful weather here, but everything is a trade off, for sure.

As for work, not much sewing going on around here, but I have been selling some bundles of vintage fabric!  The pics show you a few of the things that were available and there will be LOTS more!  Can you believe we'll be moving all my stuff AGAIN??!!

See you next time~