Monday, September 10, 2012

My New Grandkids!

Good Morning!  I don't share personal stuff here too often, but this is worth talking about!  Here's a bit of background...

My only child, Kim, is now almost 42 years old.  She's catching up with me!  She and her husband Jack have been married 16 years.  After about 5 years of just the two of them, they decided that it was time to add some kids to the mix.  Unfortunately, it would not be an easy thing for them to do.

After some horrendously heartbreaking experiences with failed pregnancies and infertility treatments, they decided to look at adoption.  So they adopted Cameron when he was 22 months old.  He's now 9 and the most precious boy I know!!  Here he is on his first day of school this year.

Things were fine with just him.  They were a happy and busy family enjoying all kinds of things together.  Then 16 months ago, they got a life changing phone call.  The Department of Human Services in OK wanted to know if they'd be willing to take in three siblings ages 10 days to 3 1/2 years old.  Without much of a thought, they said yes!

So first they got Chase.  He was 10 days old and a skinny little baby.  His skin just hung off his arms.  But he was precious and loved immediately!  2 weeks later, they got his 3 1/2 year old sister, Jenni.  Darling little girl with a need to please everyone.  Then 2 weeks after Jenni came, 13 mo. old Hailey (then named Mariah) joined them.  This sweet girl had been severely neglected and had very little interaction with other people.  She didn't know much else to do, but cry.  She had never had solid food and had no idea how to feed herself hand to mouth.  In fact, she was barely sitting up!  Here's a pic of how they looked  shortly after they all arrived.

Immediately, Kim and Jack were consumed with getting these kids all the services and help they needed to be able to give these kids the kind of lives they deserved.  They found out Jenni had a hearing issue caused by a growth in one of her ears.  Surgery followed and  she can now hear and speak much better.  Chase has become a happy and BIG boy!  And Hailey, although she is still not verbal at over 2 years old, has thrived and is now an affectionate and happy girl. 

Fast forward 16 months.  Last Friday, they officially adopted all three of these children!  So we now have FOUR grandkids!  They are a fun and happy family.  Cameron LOVES being the big brother and is so good with all the kids.  He's also a great help to Kim and Jack!  They are all thriving and learning and enjoying the things all kids should be able to.  They'll NEVER understand how lucky they are. 

And Kim and Jack feel they are the ones who are blessed to finally have the family they wanted.  They firmly believe that this was God's plan for them through all the sad and hard times on their journey.  It won't be easy, for sure.  But they're up to the challenge and looking forward to seeing these children through life.  Here they are today.  Click on the pic to see them better.

UPDATE as of 1/29/17---

I love this picture! One of the few that caught all of them smiling and looking really cute! Cameron will be 14 in April, He just passed his Brown Belt in Karate. Now to achieve the much coveted Black Belt! He also plays football and hunts with his Dad. Jenni on the left just turned 9, She's a very Girly Girl and loves doing Girl Scouts with her Mom. Hailey will be 7 in April. She is a happy, loving little girl. Chase (6 in April) is a terror! SO cute, but a little boy in every way. Super smart and seems to show a lot of talent in sports.

With God's guidance, these kids had a chance in life that so many do not. It's wonderful to see how they have thrived, and even with lots of emotional and cognitive issues, they are happy and have a good future.

Thanks for letting me share this story with you!