Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two Good Works to Share!

Oh My Goodness!!  Where has the summer gone??  Oh yeah.  It's gone while I've been packing and getting ready to move.  Gee, what a fun summer this has been!

Seriously though, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Everything's packed.  I don't even have anything to cook with--  Darn!! :~)  The house projects are done and looking fine.  Down to staging and cleaning now.  Wanna come help???

I do have something to pass along...

I got emails from a couple of blog friends regarding charity projects they have going.  You may have already read about them, but wanted to share just in case.

The first one came from Victoria at Bumble Beans.  She is trying to round up 700 quilts for folks needing them in the South Bronx.  You can find out all about it by visiting the Bumble Beans Basics website.

Secondly,  Bev Rogan has organized Quilts for Japan and is beginning Phase 2 of providing quilts and more for those affected by the many tragedies that were endured. 

Both of these projects seem to be worthwhile and good opportunities for giving back.

Hope everyone is doing well and I'm anxious to get back to visiting with you more often!