Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello Everyone!  As of 3/20, all the books that I will be listing for now on this page are out there.  The remaining selections are priced at $3 or less! Please enjoy perusing what is left of the almost 80 selections I listed.  I'm so glad to see these going to my wonderful blog friends.  Thanks for your help in cleaning out!

I've been cleaning out my books as well as fabric.  As you may know, we are in the beginning process of moving to be closer to our kids.  Well, some of these books have to go.  I've got 30 years of collecting here and there are some fabulous buys!  I'd love to see these go to quilters who will enjoy reading them.  Lots of great beginner books with wonderful information to absorb.  This is just the beginning of what you'll see.  I've barely scratched the surface!

ORDERING INFO: As with the fabric destash, if you see anything you want, email me the Item #s (titles help, too) at and I'll send you a Paypal invoice for your purchases + postage. You can pay online safely (you don't have to have a Paypal account) or by snail mail. They'll be shipped Media Mail. The first book ships in the U.S. for $2.75 and each book thereafter will be an additional 75 cents.  You'll receive a free pattern with your order.   

I'll continue to add things to this list, so check back often to see if there's anything you can use. You can get to this page using the BOOK DESTASH tab under the header above.

All the books are $5 or LESS!!  The pictures will be UNDER the description. Click on the pics to enlarge....

#7 - Great American Quilts 1989 - $3 
For several years Oxmoor House published a book that featured quilters across the country. Each quilter also had a project that was patterned for the book. Lots of fun info and quilts to look at!  The 1989 hardback book has 144 pages and is in excellent condition.  No pricing info is available.  Enjoy! 

#10 - Sweet and Simple Country Quilts by Jenni Dobson ~ $3
SOLD!  Thank you!
The quilts in this 1996 hardback book are very cute.  Most are pictorial and several with children.  There are also a few small projects.  There are 144 pages and it's in excellent condition except for a 1" tear on the dust cover.  The original price was $27.95, but a sale price on the back shows $12.96.  Enjoy! 

#14 - The Quilt Design Workbook by Beth / Jeffrey Gutcheon ~ $2
This vintage 1976 book was a ground breaking book on quilt design.  Beth and Jeffrey Gutcheon were leaders in the contemporary quilt movement.  The book contains 176 pages and is in fair condition.  I must have picked this up at a garage or estate sale since there are some notes in the book from someone other than me!  It looks like the owner wrote herself a note on the front of the book, but it's been erased.  This is mostly an informational book with some graphs and a few patterns to help the quilter create.  The original price of $6.95 is printed on the back (that lets you know how old it is!).  Enjoy! 

#15 - 2 Books from Better Homes and Gardens ~ $2
Patchwork and Quilting/Applique
SOLD!  Thank you!!
These 2 little books were in a series of craft books from BHG.  They were first printed in 1977 and 78, but these are from 1981.  Each book has lots of large and smaller projects to make.  They are hardback and in great condition with 96 pages each.  A fun look back at the 1970s quilt revival!  No pricing info available.  Enjoy! 

#28 - Our Best Scrap Quilts from Oxmoor House ~ $3
SOLD!  Thank you!!
This fun book from 1994 has several terrific scrap quilts. Some from antique designs and others are newer. There are 48 pages in great condition with the sticker from the shop where purchased on the front. The original price of $9.95 is printed on the back. Enjoy!

#30 - 2 Patchwork Project Books ~ $1
SOLD!  Thank you!!
Better Homes and Gardens issued the Patchwork Project 24 page booklet in 1985. It has mostly small projects with the only quilt sized project being the one on the front. There are several seasonal things that would make good gifts. It's in good condition with no pricing info available. Simplicity's Quilts and Patches was published in 1979. It, too, has many small pieces as well as quilts in 96 pages. Also in good condition and the $1.75 price is on the front. Enjoy!

#40 - Favorite Quilts by Judy Florence - $3
SOLD!  Thank you!!
This softback book from 1990 has a terrific selection of patterns from quilts that we have all loved over the years. Many are vintage designs and scrappy. It has 136 pages and is in great condition. The $18.95 price is printed on the back. Enjoy!

#41 - No Crows Allowed by Bears Paw Designs/Jill Kemp ~ $2
This cute little 20 page book from 1993 contains four quilts with a bit of a primitive slant. It's in great shape showing a little shelf wear. The $11 original price is written in pencil on the title page along with a sticker from the shop where purchased. For some reason I have 2 of these books! One has some notes in black pen on several pages, but they don't really detract. The first buyer gets the one without notes! Enjoy!

#43 - Dyeing and Overdyeing by Judy Mercer Tescher - $3
This 54 page book gives a great overview for the beginning fabric dyer. It was published in 1990 and is in excellent condition. The $9.95 price is printed on the back. Enjoy!

#44 - Putting It All Together by Cairns/Affleck - $2
SOLD!  Thank you!!
This book published in 1987 looks at the contemporary (at that time) side of quiltmaking in it's 72 pages.  Remember, this was at the very beginning of the contemporary quilt movement so the emphasis on design and color was new.  Simple designs almost similar to the Modern Quilt movement that is so popular today.  Excellent condition with no pricing info available.  Enjoy!

#45 - Royal Stars of the States edited by Sandra Hatch - $3
SOLD!  Thank you!!  
This book from 1988 has a star for all 50 states in it's181 pages. If you like the Lone Star design, you will love this book! It looks like most of these finish out at 66" to 75" square. It's in great condition with the $14.95 price sticker on the front. Enjoy!

#46 - 2 Books by Blanche and Helen Young ~ $3

This mother/daughter duo have been staples in the quilting industry for years. The Lone Star Quilts was published in 1979 and the Boston Commons Quilt in 1983. They both have 36 pages. Each book gives great pre-rotary cutting instructions on making these wonderful quilts. There are templates and design worksheets for the quilting included. In great shape, showing minor shelf wear. The $7.95 and $8.95 price tags are intact. Enjoy!

#48 - Gallery of American Quilts from AQS - $2

For a few years AQS published a Quilts for Sale catalog. This book is a gallery of 500 of the quilts that were offered for sale in 1987-88. There are both new (at that time) and vintage/antique quilts shows here. It's a good resource for ideas. There are 127 pages in good condition showing some shelf wear. The price of $19.95 is printed on the back. Enjoy!

#52 - Infinite Stars by Gayle Bong ~ $3
This 71 page book published in 1992 is a lot of fun! Gayle shows you how to take a square block and turn it into a 60 degree diamond to make an infinite number of stars! It's in excellent condition and the price of $12.95 is printed on the back. Enjoy!

#53 - Cut No Diamonds by Betty Gall/Jane Hill ~ $2
Betty Gall owned Quilter's Rule (one of the first companies to market rotary cutting rulers) and this little 28 page book from 1986 was cutting edge with the instructions on how to cut diamonds with only a ruler and rotary cutter! Good instructions for today's quilter, too. Great condition showing minor shelf wear. The $7.95 price is written in pencil on the front. Enjoy!

#70 - English Botanical Garden by Ruth Srubas ~ $3
This 1991 book has several full size patterns of beautiful flowers to applique. There are 18 pages in great condition. The $13.75 price is written in pencil on the title page and there's a sticker from the shop where purchased on the back. Enjoy!

#73 - One Patch and Beyond by Betty Boyink ~ $3
SOLD!  Thank you!!
This 1997 book studies quilts made from one patch blocks such as squares, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, tumblers, apple cores and many more. A nice gallery of photos and lots of inspiration in 72 pages. In great condition showing some shelf wear. A $14.95 sticker is on the back. Enjoy!

#74 - Nine Patch Design Adventures by Betty Boyink ~ $2
SOLD!  Thank you!!

This 72 page book is filled with ideas and examples for using the simple 9-Patch block. I don't find a date but probably from the early 90s. It's in good shape showing some shelf wear and the $17.95 sticker is on the back. Enjoy!

#75 - Hexagon Magic by Janet Elwin ~ $3
This book from 1986 is chock full of great ideas for using the hexagon block beyond Grandmother's Flower Garden! The 127 include pictures, worksheets, block gallery and much more. It's in good shape, but showing some shelf wear. The $19.95 price is printed on the back. Enjoy!

#76 - Country Village Quilt Iron-On Transfers by Louise Kocka ~ $2

This 1981 booklet contains the never used iron-on transfers and instructions for the cover quilt. The cover shows some wear and I see residue from the price sticker (no price) on the front. Enjoy!

#77 - Summer Splendor Applique by Campbell/Ayars ~ $3
This little pattern book from 1995 includes all the applique patterns and instuctions to make the cover quilt. There are 32 pages in great shape with a little shelf wear. There is a remant of a sticker on the back over the bar code on the back, but no pricing info. Enjoy!