Thursday, February 3, 2011

HUGE DESTASH!! Really Cleaning Out!!

As you already know, I recently moved and reorganized my quilt studio.  I came across some wonderful items that I'm probably not going to use, so I'm passing them on to you at GREAT prices!   

ORDERING INFO:  If you see anything you want, email me the Item #s with your ZIP CODE at and I'll send you a Paypal invoice for your purchases + postage.  You can pay online (you don't have to have a Paypal account) or by snail mail.  They'll be shipped 1st class or Priority, depending upon weight.  Of course, if you buy several, all will be combined for the cheapest shipping available.  So the more you buy, the cheaper it gets!!  Right??  

I'll continue to add things to this list, so check back often to see if there's anything you can use.  You can get to this page using the STUDIO DESTASH tab under the header above.  As a bribe, if you spend $10 or more, you'll have a nice little surprise or two in your package.  Tell your friends!!  

The pictures will be UNDER the description.  Click on the pics to enlarge....

NEW!  #14 - Solid Green Neutral - 5 Yards
$9.95 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!
This solid from Marcus Brothers is a wonderful addition to your Modern Quilt fabric collection.  It goes so well with many of the new lines out now.  It is pictured below with Amy Butler Florals.  The Fat 1/4s are NOT included.  Enjoy!

#1 - RJR Antique Americana ~ 8 Fat 1/4s + Finishing Kit
$8.50 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

This group has 8 Fat 1/4s from the Antique Americana line from RJR 2008.  You'll also receive 1 yd of a Vintage White solid (see note), 1/3 yd EACH of Blue and Red for Borders/Binding and a 22" x 45" piece of the large 4" stripe to play with for Borders/Sashing.  There's over 4 1/4 yards of fabric here!  Enjoy!!

PLEASE NOTE: I noticed some light spots on the Offwhite Background Fabric as I unrolled it from the bolt. They look like they will wash out fine, but if you have any problems, just let me know! 

#4 - 1 3/8 yd Unmarked Southwest Design + 3 Fat 1/4s
$4.00 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

This fun group has a terrific Southwest Design (no selvage mark) with 3 coordinating Fat 1/4s.  The basket weave is a Jennifer Sampou design from Northcott, the solid is another Darlene Zimmerman fabric and the leaves have no selvage info available.  Enjoy!!

#5 - 3/4 yd of MICHAEL MILLER's Star Majic + 5 Fat 1/4s
$2.00 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

This wonderful Star fabric is actually a 22" x 54" piece with one selvage so it would be great for borders!  The fat 1/4s are from RJR, Darlene Zimmerman, Patrick Lose and 2 with no selvage info available.  Enjoy!!

#6 - 1 1/2 yds Asian Harmony by Lonni Rossi for Andover
$3.00 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

This gorgeous piece of fabric has gold metallic in the design.  Enjoy!!

#7 - 1 1/2 yd + 34" of Jelly Crystal by Gail Kessler for Andover
$5.00 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

This wonderful fabric is in 2 pieces.  One is 1 1/2 yds and the other is 34" (almost a yard).  Enjoy!!

#8 - 5 Purple Fat 1/4s
$2.50 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

None of these Fat 1/4s have the selvage info available.  I know the light purple solid is a Darlene Zimmerman fabric.  Enjoy!!

#9 - 3 Brown Fat 1/4s
$1.50 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

Two of these Fat 1/4s are marked MODA.  The middle one has no selvage info available.  Enjoy!!

#10 - 3 Fat 1/4s with a Debbie Beaves Novelty
$1.50 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

Cute Debbie Beaves Fat 1/4 from One Heart One Hand for RJR plus 2 coordinating Fat 1/4s with no selvage info available.  Enjoy!!

#12 - 5 Pink/Green/Aqua Fat 1/4s + Bonus
$2.50 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

This is a gorgeous group of Fat 1/4s.  The last one on the right is a 9" x 36" piece that I think looks great with the others so I'm just throwing it in for you!  Most of these don't have the selvage info available.  The darker pink is a Patrick Lose Marble for MODA and the lighter pinky/purple is by Robyn Pandolph for MODA.  Enjoy!!

#13 - 4 Purple Fat 1/4s
$2.00 + Shipping ~ SOLD!  Thank you!!

These lovely purples are from Kent Avery Fabrics, Robert Kaufman, a Darlene Zimmerman solid and ?  Enjoy!!