Friday, January 24, 2014

Authentic Feedsack Quarter Bundles Now Available Here!

Welcome!  These Bundles of 8 Feedsack Quarters have been so popular I thought I'd offer them here as well!  You  have a total of 2 Full Sacks.  $27.95 includes shipping ($24.95 + $3.00).  This is a terrific way to add to your collection for a great price!  You will receive the actual 1/4 sacks shown in the pictures.  I have added close-ups of the fabrics so you can see larger pieces of them.  When this group is gone, I'll add another.  Here is some additional info about them...

These pieces measure about 18" wide x 18 1/2" to 22" long with 1 selvedge edge. They all have a nice, tight weave and the thread holes are present as expected. They have been washed and ironed, are ready to use and in excellent condition!  *The pink on the right is more accurate in the close-up.

It's important to know that feedsacks were often emptied and tossed to the floor of a barn where they might have languished for a long time.  You will often find tiny stains or small "peck" holes as well as small "pull" holes where the sack was unsewn.  There may be very slight overall fading if the sack needed to be soaked to make it usable.  Also, minor manufacturer's flaws may also be present as they were produced cheaply.

Email me at if you have any questions!  Enjoy!!

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SOLD!  Thanks so much!  I'll get a new group listed soon.