Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vintage Christmas Ornament Kits!!

I came across these fabulous Vintage 1970s Christmas Kits at an Estate Sale recently.  They are SO cute!  I remember Yours Truly.  It was one of the first companies to cater to Quilters during the 1970s.  I was thrilled to find these!  I love that they include all the Vintage Calico Fabric needed to make these darling little ornaments.  I've listed them in my eBay Store because I'm destashing, not restashing, remember??

Click on the pic to enlarge!

I also want to tell you that there is only ONE of the 5" Square  packets still available if you're interested.  Those repro Christmas groups just flew out the door.  Thanks so much!!

UPDATE:  All the Christmas repro groups are gone!  Thank you!!

See you soon!