Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finally Back to Playing with my Feedsacks!

Welcome!  For us this summer was full of doctors and hospitals and we are done with it!  Last February a colonoscopy revealed that Bill had a tiny benign carpet polyp.  For those who don't know about carpet polyps (and why would you?) they can't be snipped and must be removed surgically.  We were assured that there was no hurry, thankfully, as we were in the process of selling our house in St. George, UT and finding something in OK.  We found a house in process and moved in May.  After getting settled in pretty well we scheduled Bill's surgery for June.  What was supposed to be a robotics/laparoscopic 2 night in the hospital surgery with a 2 week recovery turned out to be a huge 12" incision with 6 nights in the hospital and a 6 week recovery with a loss of 15" of colon due to some adhesions from a surgery 35 years earlier!  Which, by the way, were not causing him any problems.  Yes, I'm still mad...

That surgery also aggravated an electrical heart issue that Bill has dealt with for almost 25 years called SVTs.  It is a non life threatening problem that causes his heart to race occasionally.  I guess that due to his weakened condition after the big surgery, he ended up at the hospital on a couple of occasions when the racing wouldn't stop.  So we decided to get it fixed by ablation.  We found the right Dr. and he had that procedure Sept. 16th.  Due to the location of the nerve that needed ablating, the Dr. wasn't able to be as aggressive as he had hoped.  We're just hoping that it'll will be much better.  At least he's feeling good and getting back to normal.

So all this to say  I haven't gotten much done this summer!  This week I have finally been able to start playing with my feedsacks again.  Went through one of my scrap baskets and found this fabulous group to put on eBay.  You can see it here.  Today I'm hoping to start listing 1/2 sacks and other pieces.  So if you're interested in feedsacks, check it out!  I've got an idea brewing for another kit, too.

See you next time!