Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glutton for Punishment...

Happy New Year, my Friends!!  Only a couple weeks late, huh?  I hope all of you are on a path to make all the changes the New Year seems to make us want to do. 

As you probably know, we just made a huge move which involved a LOT of work!  So you'd think we'd be happy to just enjoy some time off and our new surroundings, right??  Well, apparently not!  Today starts the beginning of a remodeling/redecorating project that may take quite awhile.  Yikes!!  What were we thinking?

Here's the before pic on the first phase.  This area is open to our bedroom and we're going to close it in and change the cabinetry.  Should be a HUGE difference!  Next is the kitchen, then all new flooring, painting, plumbing and lighting fixtures, etc.  I know we'll enjoy it when it's done, but getting there will be a chore.

So not sure when I'll actually get to quilt anything!  Although this might be a great time to be hiding out in my room alot. 

See you soon~