Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello Friends!  Well, I'm actually done putting things away.  Not just in my room, but the whole house.  It's very nice to be settled among my own stuff.  My room was a challenge, for sure.  I knew I'd have to borrow space from other places and couldn't have bought this house unless the storage was there.  Here's how my room turned out.  Nothing is decorated yet, but you'll get the idea...  You can click on the pics if there's anything you want to see better.

We brought an antique piece with us to hold all the vintage tops.  It's in the downstairs Office/TV Room.

We also put shelves (what would we do without Ikea??) in the guest bedroom.  That space to the right of the shelves is how long you get to stay when you come see me  :~D!!

Downstairs next to the Laundry is a big storage room with shelves.  It holds all the quilts, tablecloths and chenille spreads.

And finally--  This shelf under the stair houses all my repros. 

Can you believe it?  Bill had NO faith that it would all fit!!  One thing about it, in a small space you HAVE to stay organized.  I'll work on that!  Speaking of work, I am ready to get to it!  How about you?  Tell me what you've been up to!  I'll finally have some time to catch up.

See you next time~